AGAT 195 Bronze 46 mm

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  • Warranty: 12 months
Case diameter
46 mm
Case material
Luminous dial (radioactive elements are excluded)
Sapphire crystal
Water resistance
750 meters
Hours, minutes, seconds
Automatic movement
Weight (without straps)
140 grams
60х17х62 mm
Manufactured in
Manual assembly
Certificate of compliance
№ РОСС RU.ИФ06.К00037
Product notes
The norm is a patina coating of the surface - a coating layer of various copper oxides, mainly greenish color


The unique monocoque case and the back cover are an integral whole which makes the watch waterproof and completely protects the watch movement from moisture, dust, pressure and physical impact
The watches are waterproof and keep perfect time even at a depth of up to 700 m thanks to all-metal monocoque cases, special sealing rings and unique crowns equipped with the patented triple sealing system
The ZWF crown is iconic and lends the watches that recognizable, historical appearance. It is equipped with the patented triple sealing system. The sealing cap is screwed on to the case securely, fully protecting the winding mechanism
Power reserve of 29 hours
Power reserve or the amount of time a mechanical ZWF watch will run after it’s fully wound is up to 29 hours. To wind a watch, a crown, which ensures a seal, has to be unscrewed
Premium crystal is made of synthetic sapphires and is extremely durable and withstands high pressure and physical impact. It remains transparent and clear during the whole life cycle of the watch
Glows in the dark
Luminophor – turquoise light accumulating substance – is applied on a dial by hand. It has a bright and long-term afterglow of up to 29 hours and is energized by light waves
Exclusive choice
A variety of accessories for comfortable wear and customization. An initial strap that goes with a watch can be changed to a genuine leather strap of mass production or to an exclusive handcrafted one