Mechanical stopwatch SOSpr-2B-2-010

313 $
Accuracy class
Tolerance per 10 min, s
Tolerance per 60 min, s
Operating temperature, °C
Size, mm
Weight, g
shock protection of the balance components

The SOSpr-2B-2-010 model is a mechanical two-button stopwatch of the 2d accuracy class. It is designed to measure time intervals in minutes, seconds and fractions of a second. It is equipped with a 60-second sweep with the resolution of 0.2 s and a 60-minute register with the resolution of 1 min. The balance components are shock-protected.

The movement is powered by a mainspring, has 16 ruby jewels, an anchor escapement, a balance spring and a period of oscillation of 0.4 s. The stopwatch is equipped with a cumulative timing system. To start and stop the stopwatch, press the crown. To reset it, press the button. The power reserve for a fully wound stopwatch is not less than 18 hours.